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Cassie Ferguson is a Honolulu-based printmaker, skateboarder, and woodworker. She draws from these areas of interest to predominantly create screen prints and lithographs that are focused on physical, cultural, and even personal aspects of skateboarding. In addition to prints, she enjoys producing zines, t-shirts, and decals. Currently, she is the Printmaking Studio Manager at the University of Hawaii at Manoa. Outside of printmaking, she builds custom frames and coaches young skateboarders.

Raised in Santa Cruz, California, Cassie’s upbringing was heavily steeped in surf and skate graphics that were strewn throughout the town in the form of graffiti, posters, stickers,  clothing, and skateboards. Her practice today is strongly influenced by the imagery of her childhood, as well as the phenomenology of her experiences growing up as a skateboarder.